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Friday, December 28, 2012

Kristins' Korner - Monthly Newsletter

Dear Friends,
We at the Autism Hope Alliance are so excited to bring you our first e-Newsletter every month. However, we are going to do it a bit differently as we want to really connect with you! Please click on the MP3 link below to hear a special message from me.

We wish you and your families a wonderful winter season!!

Warmest regards,


Kristin Selby Gonzalez
Autism Hope Alliance, Chairman
Mother of Jaxson (age 10 diagnosed with autism)

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Kristin Selby Gonzalez becomes Chairman of Autism Hope Alliance

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Airport Creates Program for Families with Autistic Children

We all know Delta is pretty nice, and I am a huge fan! And now they just released this article on December 4th. How can I not love them even more now! Thank you Delta Airlines for helping families affected with Autism! Way to go! Hopefully all airports across the country take the time and do this! 

"Delta, MSP Airport create program for families with autistic children
December 4, 2012

Delta and the Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport have partnered to design a program for traveling families who have children with autism to help cope with the stresses of flying.

"Navigating Autism with MSP" allows autistic children and their families to participate in a dress rehearsal at the airport to help prepare for the actual flight, and Saturday marked the inaugural session for MSP and marked the first time that Delta had participated as the host airline at any of its airports.

Children practiced entering the airport, were issued boarding passes, went through the security procedures, worked their way to an assigned gate and boarded a Delta aircraft. A Delta Red Coat made customary announcements to replicate an actual flight and were onboard to answer questions during the trial-run. The tour ended at the children’s play area where the kids were able to play and become more comfortable with the airport. The families were then free to explore MSP by having a bite to eat and check out the various shops.

"We are fortunate to be a part of a program like this here at MSP so we can help our customers navigate travel and in this case, we also benefit by learning more about how we can play an integral role," said Bill Lentsch, s.v.p.—Minnesota Operations. "Anytime we can help to make an experience for a traveler a positive one is a win-win for all of us."

Autistic children can struggle with the sights, sounds and processes surrounding air travel, and families are often unsure of how their child will respond. This program will help ease the children into flying and help reassure parents.

Additional tips for traveling and photos of the airport and aircraft were shared in advance to assist the families navigating the travel experience. The Metropolitan Airports Commission, the Autism Society of Minnesota and Fraser, an organization providing childhood services in Minneapolis/St. Paul, coordinated the registration and will continue to hold the program throughout the year at MSP."

Monday, December 3, 2012

Thought of the Day

“We are not our history.” is a great saying...
However, if we keep with the same patterns and choose the same paths then we will repeat history...

I think about our kiddos, as when will people get that autism is an epidemic and stop doing what we are doing. We are repeating history, every year the number rises! Why is it that from my High School friends, double digits, at least the ones I know about have children on the spectrum and growing up I didn't know any?

1 out of 20 households are affected in some way either child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Sure we are over diagnosing!! Then where is the older generation of children?!

Not many things frustrate me, but it does frustrate me when those who aren't affected turn their nose up or turn their heads like it does not exist. With 1 out of 88 children it will eventually be in their families!!

Jaxson was born a healthy 11lb 1oz boy measuring 24-1/2 inches long, spoke his first words at 9 months and was developing perfectly. We got vaccines at 15 months and our whole world turned black with his negative reactions instantly! If you know me than you know I am not against vaccines I am just against so many at once!

It breaks my heart to continue to read our stories and they all sound the same (there are thousands of us) and yet mainstream continues to ignore it. I feel no one should have a right to comment unless they have had their child taken from them in this way. Because that is what it felt like. Until you live one day in someone else's shoes, than you don't know.. For those who just don't get it, all I ask is for you to be open minded. I don't judge you for your choices, don't judge me for my feelings.. Hmmm I kind of remember tobacco companies telling the public that smoking didn't cause cancer and then later that 2nd hand smoke didn’t either (even when they absolutely knew it did!) did that turn out for our population?? Just saying.