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Monday, January 30, 2012

Interview with Alex Doman, founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies

Learn about the healing power of music and listening therapy!

Listening to learn and heal...

Hey everyone, take a look this amazing interview with Alex Doman, the founder and CEO of Advanced Brain Technologies and author of Healing at the Speed of Sound®.  Since Alex was a child he has been fascinated with human development and as he became an adult he chose to focus his energy on studying how sound and music improve brain function. Music and listening therapy have made a tremendous beneficial impact on my own son and I felt very strongly about asking Alex to share how this type of therapy can help our kids.  Listen and learn some new things about how sound and music can help sensory issues and autism.

Alex Doman Interview Part 1:

Alex Doman Interview Part 2:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dr. Stephen Shore talks with Autism Approved about ability and opportunity for those diagnosed with autism.

Listen as Dr. Stephen Shore shares that autism doesn't have to be a roadblock to success!

Oh, the possibilities...
Watching this type of an interview can fill you with so much hope and it continues to remind us that we must never give up on all of the dreams we have for our own children.  Stephen Shore is truly amazing.  He is brilliant, he has dedicated his life and his passion to helping people with autism, he has an amazing and charismatic personality and he is happily married and enjoying his life.   Stephen Shore was diagnosed with autism and non-verbal until age 4 and he was recommended for institutionalization as very young child. Today, he is a professor, an international author and presenter, and he travels the globe with his message of hope and the healing power of music.  I am so excited to let you know about this interview and I encourage everyone to hear Stephen’s story and become inspired!
Stephen Shore Interview Part 1:

Monday, January 9, 2012

A recovered adult shares his story of hope and success!

Watch recovery and become inspired!
Raun K. Kaufman shows us that Hope is REAL!

Seeing is believing!

Sometimes you’ve just got to see it to believe it, right?  Don’t miss this!  Here is one of my favorite people and someone you have to hear if you haven’t already. I’m talking about Raun K. Kaufman.  If you need some hope, Raun will give you some!   Raun K. Kaufman was once diagnosed with severe autism.  Not mild autism, severe autism to the point where his parents were told to basically “forget they ever had him as a child and put him into a home” when he was just a toddler! Today, Mr. Kaufman is the Director of Global Education at the Autism Treatment Center of America® which is home of The Son-Rise Program™.  He travels the world sharing his story and he will make you laugh and cry all at once as you see what amazing recovery really looks like.   Listen to him tell his story of how his parents helped him, while passing on a few tools and tips to help our kids today.  We must never give up hope, and here is a prime example of why!

Raun K. Kaufman Interview Part 1: