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Friday, November 16, 2012

Autism Hope Alliance is now on Facebook!

Hi Everyone! Please help us spread the word about our Fan Page for Autism Hope Alliance! We would like you all to "like" it!
I am going to start putting all of our links to new research, projects, and any other info for the autism community on this page!
We hope it will become a great resource for families in the autism community.
P.S - "Progress for one child, provides Hope for all"


So I have some big news I wanted to share with everyone. I am no longer with Enzymedica as their Director of Autism Education. They no longer have an autism division as ALL of their AUTISM efforts will be shifted to supporting the Autism Hope Alliance. Tom Bohager, Founder of Enzymedica is very passionate about helping our kiddos and founded the Autism Hope Alliance (first non profit for autism in the health food industry). I have recently been appointed as Chairman and will continue to help this community in a bigger way now. Our focus is to help Generation Rescue, TACA, A Place of Grace, the Autism Treatment Center of America along with plans to help some of the smaller non-profits. It has been an absolute joy working with Enzymedica and I will always consider them family. We have BIG dreams ahead for 2013 and I am up for the challenge. Wish me luck!! Hope Jax one day understands that I work so hard for him and other kiddos like him because he inspires me everyday!