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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Jackson Family's Inspirational Story on Autism Approved TV

A family unites to bring hope and healing!

The Jackson Family Pulls Together
I LOVE it when a family pulls together for the sake of their child.  I was so inspired by the Jackson Family who united to embrace and encourage their son, Charlie, who was diagnosed with autism.  They used the Son-Rise program which focuses on love, acceptance and the belief in Charlie’s potential to learn and grow.  As a result, they’ve watched a miracle as Charlie has continued to see recovery progress with this program.  This family truly touched me as they shared their personal experiences of having a child with autism and how unlocking Charlie’s potential gave them the strength and determination to help other families with their story.  Watch and spend a day with the Jackson Family!
The Jackson Family Interview Part 1:

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great new video! Dr. Allen T. Lewis on Autism Approved!

Interview of a brilliant doctor with a big heart!

It is amazing when you meet a doctor whose heart is clearly a major driving force in his work.  I was very moved by Dr. Allen T. Lewis’ passion to help people.  His own son was diagnosed with autism and it changed the course of Dr. Lewis’ life from that day forward.  He’s been working with children for over 20 years and has found great success using integrative medicine and targeted nutrient therapy to help in the recovery of children not only with autism, but also behavioral disorders as well.  This is a wonderful interview and a must see for learning and inspiration!

Dr. Allen T. Lewis Interview Part 1:
Dr. Allen T. Lewis Interview Part 2:

Friday, December 2, 2011

An Interview with Ms. World International about Autism

Check out this awesome interview with Ms. World International, a real SuperMom who shares her amazing journey with her son who is recovering from autism!

Talking with Heidi Scheer...
OK…talk about a SuperMom!  I know one for sure!  Check out my interview with Heidi Scheer.  This is one girl who doesn’t quit when it comes to helping her son and paving the way to success for everyone else.   Her story gives us all hope and helps to ignite that determination inside of us that keeps us going on this journey to help our children.  Heidi’s heart is as big as her cause and you will love hearing her story.  Talk about a busy mom - Heidi was recently elected Ms. World International 2011, her platform being Autism. She also travels the globe spreading messages of awareness and hope while being a political advocate, advisory member for the American Medical Autism Board, TACA mentor, Generation Rescue Angel and one of five AHA Heroes® for the US.  She inspires families dealing with autism wherever she goes.  You can catch the interview on the kristinselbygonzalez You Tube channel here:

Heidi Scheer Interview Part 1:
Heidi Scheer Interview Part 2:
Heidi Scheer Interview Part  3: