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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life Changes So Much and So Fast!

Life changes so much and so fast! I am sure you have heard the joke: "If you want to make God laugh then.. tell him your plans" as He already knows the plan. I can't believe it's 2013 and I am a 36 year old mom to a nearly 11 year old! If you would have asked me 11 years ago if I thought I would be doing what I am doing I would have thought you were crazy. And yet, today here I am trying to help my son the best I know how, raise money for an autism organization I now run that helps families across the country and yet I still dream like I did when I was 16 years old and believe I can do anything! I have met so many that I will be friends forever with, (or at least I think I will) and have met some that I have parted ways with now and will wish them best from afar and am excited of new people I meet along this journey! I don't know the future but I do know I only want to surround myself with positive thinkers and people that believe all is possible! I believe in the magic of miracles as I have witnessed them, I have seen the ugliness of evil as I have witnessed that as well and I believe in the plan and have faith in God that I am exactly where I am supposed to be doing exactly what is planned for me. I believe all is possible and I will never give up! #autism #hope #motherslove

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  1. I do amazing work with children. Positive thinking is the ONLY way! Respect for children and trust in their abilities is also key. Trusting a mother's instincts and judgement is also important. I am a mom of a child with an IEP and I live/work in Northern New Jersey. I speak for groups, if your group is interested. My 3 books are: Verbal Apraxia, SNACKademics, and The BEST Way To Teach A Child Colors (or anything) I'm always happy to answer questions or address concerns. Let me know how I can help. Noelle Michaels, MA, CCC-SLP, LDT-C Phone: 201- nine one nine -4805